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BestGrip er den absolutt beste piggen i markedet. Piggens materiale og utforming sikrer lett montasje og lang holdbarhet.

Grip Studs® traction studs perform like no other screw–in tire studs on the market. Unlike typical sheet-metal-style studs, Grip Studs® have a patented wide-auger, self-tapping thread design that makes them easy to install without the need for pre-drilling, and gives them unparalleled holding power in rubber. Their tempered-steel-encased carbide construction added to their easy installation and removal are features only to be found in a product designed for optimum quality and performance. Varying depths and lengths ensure non-stop traction from tires or boots on ice, snow, frozen pavement, mud, slimy rocks, or ocean vegetation. Grip Studs® – unquestionably in a class of their own!

Grip Studs®

Brand X

BestGrip Pigg
  • Grip Studs’s domed carbide tip* provides added strength under heavy loads compared to this weaker right-angle tip design.
  • Grip Studs’s carbide core is brazed to the steel rather than merely cemented to it like the rival stud.
  • Grip Studs’s 1.9mm to 8mm varied heights aord more traction options than Brand X’s single 3mm height.
  • Grip Studs’s unique sub-surface installation notches won’t wear away, ensuring easy optional removal. Brand X’s hex head wears away, leaving an irremovable headless screw.
  • Grip Studs’s patented wide-auger threads have 75% more surface area, allowing solid metal-to-rubber retention, unlike these sheet-metal-style threads that allow movement further in and or out of the rubber.
  • Grip Studs’s innovative blunt, self-tapping thread design prevents movement or puncture; whereas Brand X’s sharp point is driven deeper with every revolution of the tire.
  • Grip Studs oers a line of more than 15 models to meet the traction needs of applications from fishing boots to 180-ton haul trucks.
  • *Domed tip on heavy-equipment models only.

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